Firefighters Perform A Clever Song And Dance To Help Teach Young Students Fire Safety

"Big smoke come and we wanna stay low."

For some kids, school lessons may be a little, well, boring. But for one team of firefighters teaching kids fire safety, that's certainly not the case. 

In a video on the Love What Matters Facebook page, firefighters from the Mustang Fire Department in Mustang, Oklahoma perform a fire prevention and safety routine that's worthy of some serious applause. First off, they enter to Jock Jams' "Are You Ready For This" from Space Jam, a song that'll get any listener pumped up. The firefighters run through the gymnasium, high-fiving young students sitting on the floor. 

With that, they break into a song about staying low to the ground when there's a fire and smoke. The tune's set to Harry Belafonte's "Banana Boat Song (Day-O)," which is both catchy and a great way to make kids remember their instructions.

"Big smoke come and we wanna stay low / poison smoke will ruin your lungs / big smoke come and we wanna stay low," they sing. "Need to crawl to get out of your house / big smoke come and we wanna stay low." 


The video, dated October 13, has since been viewed over 17 million times, with people writing their praise in the comments section:

"This is awesome. These kids won't forget that fireman are funny, friendly helpers! Way. To. Go!" one person writes.

"Omg! I love this! My little girls were telling me all about this! Lainey got sprayed by the extinguisher and had to roll in the aisle! Now I can really see how much fun they had," another adds, presumably a parent of one of the students. 

"I'm a twice retired firefighter, once in the military and again as a civilian. I always dreaded fire prevention month. It was hard to teach the kids and get them to remember from year to year ... This is the best idea I have ever even heard of. I know the best way to remember something is when you really had fun. This seems to be something the kids have a lot of fun with and will save lives. I have passed this on to friends still on the job across the country. Lets hope many many children's lives are saved by this presentation y'all did," another adds. 

The fire department also has a full 2015 show posted to their YouTube channel with a more routines and lessons that parents can show their kids at home, too. 

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