You Might Think This Hijab-Wearing Woman Is Breaking Religious Rules With Her Clothes. But She's Not.


In case you haven't heard (don't worry, must of us haven't), there is a Lolita fashion trend in Japan where young ladies dress up in baby doll, frilly dresses, inspired by the Rococo and Victorian periods. According to, the trend began in the 1980s, and was relatively common on the streets of Japan, but has since breached the borders, making it's way around the world. Now Lolitas from all over gather at various conventions and events to admire each other's outfits, also known as "coords." 

The Japanese fashion trend looks like this: 


But one place no one might have expected the Lolita fashion trend to take hold is among hijab-wearing Muslim women, who often follow strict dress codes. 

One woman in particular has taken this fashion bull by the horns, rocking the style, hijab and all. Her name is Alyssa, and she posts pictures of herself in a variety of pastel-colored dresses and accessories to her Instagram, where fans comment on how completely cool she looks. 

Bored Panda notes, "While fittingly stylish and flamboyant, their costumes still fully adhere to their religious principles." 

Check out some of Alyssa's pictures below from her Instagram: 

To see another hijab-wearing Lolita, check out this Tumblr.

(H/T: Bored Panda)

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