People Are Taking Selfies At The Museum For #MuseumSelfieDay

High art selfies.

In unusual holiday news, January 17 is officially Museum Selfie Day and people are snapping away alongside their favorite works of art. The creative event is celebrated worldwide and is in its fifth year. 

Museums are the ultimate source of culture, but sometimes they can get a bad rap for not being fun or exciting. Which is why London-based art enthusiast Mar Dixon created the social holiday. According to, Dixon saw her daughter taking selfies and realized they could be a vehicle to promote culture among young people.


Much like Dixon's movement, tech and social apps have made art and culture much more accessible to a wide range of people. By combining everyday activities, such as taking a selfie, with art appreciation, folks are able to interact with art like they never have before.

The hashtag #MuseumSelfieDay has become quite the hit on social media and is something people, both young and old, enjoy. Check out some of our favorites below: 

1. This fresh new look at art.

2. This masquerade selfie.

3. This, apparently, ancient selfie pose.

4. This trippy selfie.

5. This cool little shot.

6. This amazing us-ie.

7. These superheroes.

8. This glowing shot.

9. This guy, who will obviously get a bunch of likes.

10. This amazing duo.

See more photos by following Dixon's @MuseumSelfieDay account on Twitter and the #MuseumSelfieDay hashtag. 

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