Mumbai Residents Come Together In Wake Of Mumbai’s Worst Flooding In Years

More than 40 million people are affected by torrential rains in South Asia this week.

As torrential rains dropped 13 inches of rain in 24 hours in parts of the city earlier this week, Mumbaikars and local businesses took to social media to volunteer whatever they could to the city's over 18 million residents.


On Twitter, individuals used #RainHosts to offer shelter, tea and Netflix to those stranded by the torrential rains. So many were willing to host strangers that an automatically updated public spreadsheet containing a Twitter user's handle, post and locale, if known, was created. While the list includes anyone who wrote a message containing #RainHosts, as of publication, over 6000 tweets had been catalogued. 

In addition to public support, hotel chain OXO opened its doors to individuals trapped in Mumbai due to weather, and Uber India offered free pool rides to anyone who needed a ride.

The flooding is some of the worst the city has seen in over a decade, and while rain has subsided in Mumbai, it continues across South Asia. An estimated 40 million people are affected by the torrential rains across India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan that have resulted in the deaths of more than 1,200 people thus far.

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Cover image via bodom / Shutterstock

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