Kurdish Hipsters Strut Their Stuff In Iraq's 'First Gentlemen's Fashion Club'

"It's not just about the clothes. It's to show the beaut[iful] side which we have from Erbil, the region."

After war impacted Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, a group of Kurdish men came together to help bring something positive to the community. They formed what is considered the region's first gentlemen's fashion club called Mr. Erbil.

The club was founded in February 2016 and now has 40 members who meet to show off their latest styles. The club has quickly become a hit with locals, and more and more men are signing up.

Co-founder Ahmed Nauzad told TRT World that fashion may play an important part in the club, but Mr. Erbil goes beyond clothes. In the club's Twitter bio it says, "the first Kurdish gents club, an influential space, spreading positive social change."


"We wanted to bring something more hype, more positive, more active to bring it back," Nauzad says.

He adds, "It's not just about the clothes. It's to show the beaut[iful] side which we have from Erbil, the region."

Mr. Erbil members meet at different public locations where they show off their snazziest outfits and create a positive place. Though they wear Western attire, BBC reports the the club seeks to "mix modernity and cultural heritage, by harking back to the lifestyles of the traditional Kurdish landowning class, the effendis." 

The group is also very vocal about fighting for women's rights in their home country, and around the world. They even accompany some of their social media posts with "girl inspiration," where they highlight a woman who is making a positive strides within her community. 

The positive work the club is doing for their community, the messages they spread about gender equality, and, of course, their dapper outfits, is gaining more and more attention. Their Instagram alone has 73k followers. Check out some more photos from the club below. 

To see a related story, check out the video below.  


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