This Beautiful Country Just Rid Itself Of 171,000 Land Mines

The final end to the deadly remnants of a 15-year civil war.

22 years after the end of a 15-year civil war, the southern African country of Mozambique has finally rid itself of over 171,000 land mines from more than 1,100 minefields.

The removal of the mines, according to the BBC, was headed by The HALO Trust, a British charity that specializes in land mine clearance and disposal and works in war-torn countries around the world in an effort to reclaim valuable living and agricultural space.

The group employed over 1,600 Mozambican men and women, using a variety of methods to clear the land, including specially trained rats.

The final mine in the last minefield was located and destroyed just one day ago.

The land mines killed hundreds of people after the end of the war prior to the work commenced by The HALO Trust.

Now, after over two decades, the people of Mozambique may finally build lives free of the deadly remainders of war. 

Cover photo: Ilha de Inhaca, Maputo, Mozambique via Paulo Miranda/Flickr.


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