Hilarious Before And After Shaving Photos

One does not simply shave his beard off.

November is officially the month when everyone can try and grow a beard with their excuse being that it's Movember. And by everyone we mean even the guys who don't normally do it because all they get is a soft, peach-like fuzz on their faces.

But after 30 days Movember is over and so is your beard.

Most of the guys go back to their regular, hairless selves and the hilarity of their looks after shaving made us feel obligated to compile this list of beard shaving memes. 

Beard on!


Benjamin Button, is that you?

Easily takes 15 years off.

Smooth as a baby's bum.

Time travel is possible!

All your emotions on a silver platter.

Childhood is just one shave away.

Elaborate Pirate -> Peter Pan transformation.

Okay, this one's cute in both pics. Case dismissed.

That's one sharp knife you've got there.

From beard to derp.

Do you need more reasons not to shave it off?

Movember is a month-long charity event held during November. It raises awareness and funds for men's health. You can support it by visiting the Movember Worldwide website.

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