17 Monstrously Beautiful Portraits Are The Perfect Antidote To A Major Problem


These stunningly macabre portraits created in concert by two anonymous Belgian creative directors were first sparked by their decidedly unique shared hobby: taxidermy collecting. The portraits meld camera set-ups that look almost fashion photography-influenced with jarringly surreal animal masks and accessories, and are sure to wind their way into your weirdest dreams.

The directors, who answer to the names Chipito and Mothmeister online, say that they created the series at least in part to protest the current landscape.

"We've always been passionate about controversy and curiosities," the two told Instagram. "The ugliness is a reaction against the overdose of beauty in the media, and the masks against the voyeurism of social media and government surveillance."

Check the beautifully monstrous portraits out below -- and sleep tight.

"The Black Bug"

"The Brutal Butcher"


"Marten De La Muerte"

"Trailer Trash"






"The Goat, The Bad & The Ugly"


"Rotkopf" is the German word for "redhead."

"Pope Pegasus XI"

"Cirque Beserk"

Look at that zebra.

"The Black Bug"

"Fishkopf Frenzy"



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