Mom Posing In A Swimsuit With Her Kids Is A Powerful Symbol Of Living In The Moment, Without Insecurity

And she hopes to inspire others, too.

Kirsten Bosly, a mother of two from Australia, recently discovered a meme that changed her outlook on life. The meme, to her memory, said something like: "Be in pictures with your kids because when you're gone, the pictures will be all they have left."

In a January 7 Facebook post, Bosly explained that for most of her life, she avoided taking such pictures with her family because she felt ashamed of her body. But now, she had decided to let go for all that. As a symbol of this, she stood for a photograph, in a bathing suit, alongside her kids. 


"Today marks a new beginning for me. For most of my life I have hated my body," she captioned the photo. "Despised it. Loathed it. Resented it. Wanted so very much for it to change ..." 

"I let go of the hatred and resentment of this body of mine and chose to enjoy it for what it is; my body," she continues. "No cover up. No board shorts .. .No filters. Just us. Any you know what? I'm not ashamed. Really."

"I look at this photo and all I can see is how happy we are and that's awesome. I finally feel free and it feels fucking awesome!"

Since sharing her post to Facebook, Bosly has received almost 4 thousand likes and nearly 300 shares. Some have commented sharing their own stories.

"You are amazing! I too have 'struggled', 'battled', been put down, chastised, mentally abused by myself and others about my weight. Am tired of the fight. It's now about being fit and healthy, being kind and compassionate. You go girl! x," one person writes

Bosly, who tells The Huffington Post she's lived with depression and anxiety, and hopes that by sharing her story, others will be inspired to shed their own insecurities. 

"But despite the road being a long and hard one, I am so proud to say I got here, and trust me, if I can, so can they," she tells the publication. "It is a life-changing decision to make, and I hope that if nothing else, anyone who reads my story will find a shift in their own thinking begin and help them on their own journey to self-acceptance."

Time to make some beautiful memories. 

(H/T: The Huffington Post)

Cover image via Evgeny Atamanenko I Shutterstock


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