Moms Recreate Fashion Magazine Covers, Showing Off Their Inner Beyoncé, Gisele, & More

"It really was one of those 'damn' moments."

"Have I ever done any modeling?" Yolanda says laughing at the start of a BuzzFeed video. "No."

But she, along with a handful of other mothers, are about to recreate famous magazine covers, including Eva Mendes for Esquire, Gisele Bündchen for Vogue Brasil, and Beyoncé for Elle magazine. 

"I'm excited. I am an Instagram model in my head, so I'm ready," Angel, a mother of three boys, says prior to the shoot. "And you know I love me some Beyoncé, so I'm ready to tap into that part of me."


With that, each of the mothers are given hair and makeup makeovers similar to the covers and take their turns posing for the camera.

And despite any initial discomfort behind the camera, everyone rocks their confidence and, subsequently, the covers come out beautifully — much to their delight.

"I feel like I was wearing my pregnancy like a gown," Angela says after seeing her elegant nude shot for the cover of Vanity Fair. 

"The first time I looked at myself afterwards, it really was one of those 'damn' moments," Yolanda adds. "It was a pretty nice feeling. Like, that's me."

Check out the full video below for all of the results:

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