Mother-Son Duo Alert. This Guy And His Mom Are Clearly Winning At Fashion.

Game on.

Peepy, an editor in chief of Bangkok-based HI! fashion magazine,  clearly gets it from his mama. If you need proof, look no further than his Instagram account.

This Thai fashionista has been getting quite a lot of attention lately thanks to the most — like, literally the most — impressive outfits he and his "Mother Lee" seem to wear just casually. 

Statement prints, big hair and expensive handbags. All matching. 

Scroll down to see it for yourself.


Keeping it easy breezy.

Either going all monochrome ...

... or rocking some serious prints.

Is that a bit extra?

Nah. Whatever. We all know that everything is better with glitter.

Or with matching Birkin bags.

You think that's all this mother-son duo has? Oh you just wait for it ...

Here's a whole lot of hot pink.

Gotta love statement embroidery.

Channeling that Elvis vibe. Navy everything.

But seriously. The two know what's up. Sneakers are a must.

Absolutely killin' it with these 'his and hers' outfits.

Extravaganza eleganza. At it's finest.

Those slippers. WE WANT.

Suffice it to say, their fashion game is strong.

There's nothing like mother-son duos. Really.

(H/T: Refinery29)


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