Mom Captures The Unbreakable Bond Between Two Sisters, Born Worlds Apart

Sisters for life.

Anna Christine Larson, a photographer and mother of three, gets her artistic inspiration from the world around her, including two subjects close to her heart: her daughters.

Over the past two years, she's photographed the two of them, Semeneh, 5, and Haven, 3, inspired by the moments they share, which show the deep roots of their sisterly bond. Though they're unique individuals (they do share many common interests including playing their favorite game, "mommy and baby,") and were born in separate parts of the world, Larson couldn't help but notice the fractions of a second the two girls were just so in synch.  

"I was drawn to the way they mimic one another in many of the images," she told A Plus in an email. "A deep connection grown from love," she explained on her blog. 

She combined these images and has named the collection Barely Different.

"Sisterhood is one of the greatest gifts in life and I'm glad that they have one another to share the experience with," she told A Plus.


Check them out below:


For more of Anna Christine Larson's photography, check out her website, Facebook and Instagram page.



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