Here Are The 10 Most Instagrammed Cities Of 2017 To Give You Even More Wanderlust

Not surprised by the city in first place.

If you have major wanderlust, you probably spend time admiring, and being jealous of, the many travel photographs that show up in your Instagram feed. But which of those Instagrammed places show up most on the platform?

Recently, Instagram released their 2017 Year in Review in which they revealed the most Instagrammed cities of 2017. It's no surprise #travel was the seventh most popular hashtag of the year, and that cities such as Paris and Barcelona were among the most photographed. That said, there are a few places on the list we wouldn't have necessarily expected, and the pictures are giving us even more reasons to want to get out of town. 

The list of most Instagrammed cities is the perfect beginners' bucket list if you're looking to travel this year or next. So from London to Sao Paulo, Jakarta and beyond, take a look at the full list below. 


10. Barcelona, Spain

9. Istanbul, Turkey

8. Jakarta, Indonesia

7. Saint Petersburg, Russia

6. Los Angeles, California

5. Paris, France

4. Sao Paulo, Brazil

3. London, United Kingdom

2. Moscow, Russia

1. New York, New York

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article mistakenly identified Spain as a city instead of a country. The article has been corrected to include Barcelona as the city we meant to reference. 


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