13 Images That Will Make You Want To Scream

We're sorry. We're so, so sorry.

Remember that time a kid twice your size plopped onto your see-saw and you went airborne? Or when you realized what interest is? Sometimes life gives you a rough reality check, and this is one of those times. Check out these images that will remind you sometimes things are lined up just perfectly, and you just don't get what you want. So grab a pillow to scream into, play some Bon Iver, and get ready to build some character.

1. Please, for all that is good, please help him!

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2. We need to smash so many vases now.

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3. If we keep staring maybe they'll meet?

So frustrating.
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5. What a waste. What a tragedy.

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6. No you're doing it wrong give us the needle let us do it.

This is frustrating and unsatisfying

7. Dammit Mario!

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8. At least no one was burned?

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9. Only when we need it.

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10. No, you will not get a look of approval.

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11. We're going to cry.

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12. How even.

The most frustrating gif I've ever seen.

13. Who built nightmare house??

the most frustrating gif ever

4. And...


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