More Than A Picture: 5 Photographs To Help You Live A Better Life.

Amazing glimpses of the every day.

Maggie Wilson's photography is quickly becoming one of the hottest things you'll find on Instagram. She shoots in natural light with a Canon 70D, capturing images that combine daily life elements of fashion, nature, and urban environments.

I think one of the reason we take photographs is that we're responding to our knowledge of time passing. A photograph is a way of holding on to a moment; a feeling. A good photograph inspires feeling in others. Beyond the fact that these are beautiful images, they are also useful: we can learn lessons from them about how to live a better life.


Our first learning occurs through play. Play is how we learn to get on with others. When we're taught the names of colors and shapes, it's very often through toys and games. Play shapes our minds, leads us to insights, brings us to joy. Remember to play.


Travel isn't about collecting photographs and souvenirs. It's about seeing and experiencing part of the world imagined and created through by people and cultures that are different from ours. It's about broadening our horizons and having more than one reference point to draw upon when it comes to thinking and living. Travel is good for the spirit.

Living with awe.

This photograph of Central Park encapsulates everything I love about New York: it's like a love letter to Manhattan. For me, it recalls nights spent walking along 5th Avenue and the way the trees gave up their leaves in the cooling winds of fall. It reminds me of what it felt like to see nothing but possibilities around every corner. In short, it inspires awe: the feeling of knowing that there are things far greater than I am and moments of happiness that have yet to come.

Take time for yourself.

We are bombarded by phone calls, text messages, email alerts, can-you-do-this-right-now requests, noise, and tiny distractions every second of our waking lives. Those things can drown us in their little agonies if we're not careful to take time for ourselves. Turn off your phones. Take a walk outside. Sit and watch a river or the ocean or the sun glinting off a lake. The world turns without anyone emailing it. The moon glows without ever having answered a text message. Whatever the emergency at the office is can probably wait. There are more important things in life. You are one of them.

See beauty.

Beauty is something we naturally respond to. We may respond with joy, awe, or longing...but we do respond. It can be very easy to forget to see the beauty in the world, especially when a million things arc out to distract us. But it's always there. A girl in a red coat. A flush of roses along a fence. Stars in the desert. The city at night. If you see beauty, you won't have to look for it.

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