Architect Creatively Designs A Window That Revolutionizes Your Home

Your home needs this.


It's a window unlike any that you’ve seen before.

Called the More Sky window, it is an accordion-style module that allows people to recline back and stare outside while in the window.

People can look up at the sun during the day and the stars at night — all while inside their apartments.

"More Sky is a cozy corner for the home that provides visual relief, access to sunlight and fresh air for small apartments," Garcia said to Contemporist. "As an attempt to understand the threshold between ID and architecture, this project is conceived as an object and a space at the same time, responding to current needs in densely populated cities."

More Sky is like having a mini-sunroom in an apartment.

It is essentially a replacement window system that was original designed to meet Brooklyn's strict construction standards. 'More Sky' allows a person to relax, meditate and connect to nature. While it is not officially available for purchase yet, it will become incredibly popular when it is available.

(H/T: Designboom)


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