This Nail Polish Is Pretty Magical, But Might Not Be The Best Idea If You're Trying To Keep Your Poker Face

Every mood swing has a silver lining.

Chances are, you had a mood ring as a kid. Yep. The one that would magically change its color depending on your mood. Or rather the temperature of your finger that correlates to it. 

Well, judging by all these photos and videos ladies were uploading on Instagram lately, mood rings have some serious competition. 

Say hello to Mood Nail Polish. And yes, it's an actual thing. Once applied, this nail polish changes color depending on your body temperature.


From peach to beige...

or from orange to yellow...'s all shades of fabulous.


That's quite a change.

This trick also works with hot and cold water...

...or if you expose your nails to the warmth of UV light.

Who says mood swings have to suck?

This nail polish pretty much makes every mood rock.

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(H/T: Elite Daily)


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