This Monkey Stole A Camera, Snapped A Selfie And Sparked A Controversy

When monkey business gets serious.

"If a monkey snaps a selfie, does he own it?" This question has been soaring the Internet for a while now. Wikimedia, the non-profit organisation behind Wikipedia, refuses to address photographer David Slater"s requests to stop distributing his famous shot of a black macaque. Wikipedia claims that monkey owns it.

During his trip to Indonesia in 2011, British nature photographer David Slater has been "robbed" of his equipment by a crested black macaque. After retrieving his camera, Slater discovered hundreds of selfies taken by the animal.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The cheeky selfie soon appeared on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. Slater has requested to take down the image arguing for a copyright infringement. Wikipedia fired back stating that a photo snapped by an animal belongs to a public domain. On his behalf, photographer claims to have lost a considerable amount of income due to the free distribution through Wikimedia Commons.

Watch the video to find out more.

Source: Associated Press

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