This 'Motivational' AXE Ad Will Probably Have You Questioning Life Itself

Make Monday your...friend.

"You get over 4.000 Mondays in your life. Don't waste them."

Charlene Chandrasekaran

That's the idea behind AXE's new ad campaign dedicated to motivating people to face the least-favorite days of the week, Monday and Wednesday.

"Don't save your best for the weekend. Own Monday, don't let it own you," a booming voice-over says. The ads, created by BBH London and set to air in the UK in 2015 -- hopefully not the U.S. anytime soon, are supposedly meant to give men a confidence boost to take on the week. And "to take the advantage of the days where no one else tries," BBH's Creative Director told Campaign Live.

It's okay, we're still trying to make sense of it all, too.

Charlene Chandrasekaran

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