Moms Wearing Their Babies Dance To Sugar Ray, Reminding Us How Ridiculous And Good Life Can Be


You guys, there exists, in this world, classes where moms get to perform choreographed dances to the world's happiest band (Sugar Ray), while wearing their babies

Yes, you read that right. 

In the video above, moms carrying their infants shake to Sugar Ray's "Fly," as they dance in a class at KangaGroove, a newly created San Diego studio that offers "Funky babywearing dance class for mamas, papas, and their little Joeys." 

The description for the video above reads, "Holy matzo ball soup... what an A-MA-ZING class today! Thank you all for going the extra mile and dancing your hearts out today. Music by Sugar Ray ft. baby Evan (on guest vocals at the end). We love you all!" 

We think baby Evan stole the show. 

After the video was posted to Facebook, founders of the studio, Amber and Meeshi Ravi, say they've been overwhelmed by all the positive attention. The couple, who are expecting a child of their own, explain their company's mission on their About Page, writing, "For us, KangaGroove is merely a small part of our greater life's mission to build communities of families where dance is an integral part of everyday life, as it is in many cultures around the world." 



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