This Mom Takes The Art of Lunch Bag Love Notes And Bonding To A Whole New Level

There's no way her sons are embarrassed about these.

We all remember that cringe-worthy moment when we opened our lunch bags at school to find a note from mom.

While we love them dearly and can't ever be mad about their unconditional love, one mom named Jenn Aguilar has a found a clever way to stay in touch with her sons, Konnor and Kale, while they're at school.

She told BuzzFeed Canada that she was inspired to start drawing on their lunch bags as opposed to just writing a note because she "wanted to do something for them that was impactful." 

We certainly think that these works of art will have a lasting impact on her boys. Not only are they expertly drawn, they are also perfectly timed for the latest events in pop culture. Look at this one with Finding Dory. We do love the nostalgic feel of a "Thugs Life," though.

This combo Batman and Compton mash-up is too good. "Straight Outta Gotham."

This one with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is also great. Loving the "Shell-A-Brate" pun, mom.

Meghan Trainor isn't the only one "All about that bass," literally.

Loving this mini quiz. "Han Froyo" and "Arrr2-D2." Yes and yes.

This Tupac and Dr. Dre is an instant classic.

Lastly, but not least, what would lunch be with out some Kanye West and Beyonce puns?

Note to Jenn, we would certainly love these lunch bags for our lunches. Our moms don't do this for us anymore :(

Check out some more of Jenn's work on her Instagram and Pinterest accounts.


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