Mothers And Daughters Pick Tattoos For Each Other In An Ultimate Test Of Trust

"It's a really big trust exercise."

In April, BuzzFeed prompted best friends to design tattoos for one another, and then get them done without knowing what they looked like.

Now, BuzzFeed is doing it again; this time, with very trusting mother and daughter pairs

"It's a really big trust exercise," Participant Candace says sitting beside her mother at the start of the video. "So I feel like I will be able to trust my mom forever after this."

"Hopefully ... you haven't seen it yet," her mother adds, laughing. 

In the video, the mothers and daughters explain the meaning behind the tattoos they've picked out.

For instance, one woman named Maycie explains her design of a rainbow, with the word "somewhere" written over it, is meant to honor a memory she shares with her mom. 

"Anytime that we were driving and that 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' song came on, we'd both be like belting the song out. So I just feel like anytime I hear that song I think of my mom and I think of those memories," she explains.

Finally, each participant sees their completed tattoos and their reactions are all caught on camera.


"Everyone and their moms should do this," Candace says at the end of the video.

Would you do it?

Be sure to watch the full video below for more:


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