They Asked Moms To Describe Themselves, Then Showed Them What Their Kids Said

A truly heartwarming video.

It's not easy being a parent. There's no official guidebook. You find yourself sounding like your own parents: a fact that is always unsettling, even under the best of circumstances. You can never really be sure if you're doing a good job. You can never really be sure your kid knows just how much you love them. And you'll never stop worrying about them. There's no shortage of insecurity, anxiety and doubt. No end to being frustrated by being frustrated. No moment when you don't feel like you're somehow not a "perfect" parent. 

Every mom could use a little feedback once in awhile.

A video from West Michigan's WOTV4Women's "Maranda Where You Live" show features some moms expressing their doubts, their hopes, and their insecurities about raising children. And then it shows what their kids really think about them.


We hope you'll like it.

Now go call your mom.

(H/T: DowzerW: thanks for this year's tips!)


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