6 Mother's Day Activities For Moms And Daughters With An Unbreakable Bond

Give back to the one who gave you life on May 13.

Despite the fact that the average mother spends her days doing for others, we only celebrate these invaluable humans one day each year. That's why it's important to commemorate the occasion with Mother's Day activities for mothers and daughters to enjoy together. After all, mothers and daughters often share an unbreakable bond. Yet, while some may assume said mother/daughter activities consist of nothing more than shopping — OK, it's one of them, but still — there are countless Mother's Day activities that buck this stereotype. In fact, it's important for daughters to show their moms how important they are by planning a day that'll demonstrate just that. These Mother's Day activities for mothers and daughters offer children of any age the opportunity to make their mom feel like a queen, even if only for the day:


1. For the daughter who's too young to have money.

No one likes to eat alone! Enlist your dad's help and prepare breakfast in bed for two — you and your mom. Enjoy your favorite foods as you catch up on the latest playground gossip. Mothers are always rushing around at lightning speed, which might explain why their children seem to grow up so fast. Your mom will love and cherish this simple moment for life.

2. For the daughter who's still in high school.

Remember those coupon books you used to make for your mom on Mother's Day? Well, now that you're older, it's time to shake things up. Help out around the house by cleaning out the closets together. You can try on each other's old clothes and turn the whole experience into a makeshift fashion show. Who can create the craziest outfit? Now's the time to find out!

3. For the daughter who's home from college.

Your mom might be proud that you've gone off to pursue your passion, but now that you're home for the summer, it's time to reconnect with the woman who's been by your side for life. Create an itinerary that features your favorite activities to do and places to go together, then take a trip down memory lane as you parade around town like the queens you truly are.

4. For the daughter who's loving the single life.

No matter your mother's current relationship status, it might have been quite some time since she's qualified as a true single lady. Why not give her a taste of the good life by inviting her out for a night on the town? From bars to brunches, spend the day making her feel like she's just one of the girls. She'll welcome the reprieve (and maybe she'll stop hounding you to get married and give her grandchildren in the process).

5. For the daughter who's a mother, too.

Now that you're a mother, too, you probably spend your days mumbling "my mom was right about everything" under your breath as you mop the floors and wash the dishes. Give your mom a break (and yourself, too) by scheduling a spa retreat for two. You'll get to reconnect with your best friend as you disconnect from your responsibilities. It's a win-win for everyone!

6. For the daughter whose mother has passed away.

Even though your mother might be gone, your unbreakable bond will always live on in your heart. Spend Mother's Day celebrating her memory by visiting the places and doing the activities you always enjoyed together. If you have children, bring them along so you can share stories from your childhood and impart the same wisdom your mom offered when you were little yourself. 

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