After Her Mom's Death, She's Encouraging Parents To Take More Pictures With Their Kids

"I wish my son had the chance to meet her. For now, all we have are pictures.”

Since the advent of social media, parents have used the various networks to share adorable photos of their children's memorable moments and milestones. But now, one mother's using her platform to encourage parents to take more pictures with their children for posterity's sake.

Shaina Harrison, 26, recently posted an image on Instagram in which the New York City plus-size fashion influencer and blogger describes what she has learned since her own mother's passing.

"One thing I've learned after my mother died was the importance of taking pictures," she wrote. "I wish I had more of my mom and me. Regrettably, because of my difficult pregnancy, I didn't document much of that process either. If I could do it all over again!!!"

"Listen, take pictures," Harrison added. "Without warning. Take pictures. Without posing. Take pictures. Book photo shoots. Hell I don't care. Just take pictures, one day pictures may be all they have left. As an adult I find myself looking through the few pictures I do have of my mom. Zooming in on her hands comparing them to mine. Her eyes, her smile. I wish my son had the chance to meet her. For now, all we have are pictures."


Harrison's followers were quick to praise and echo the influencer's sentiment.

Instagram user living_balanced_and_fit wrote: "I [absolutely] agree about taking as many pictures as possible. I lost all of my family way before social media and a lot of pictures weren't taken. I would do anything just to be able to hear their voices one more time. People have no clue how blessed they are with social media now a days. Thankfully I still have my mom. Making memories all the time."

Another user, psitsfashion, wrote: "I agree! I'm really glad I have a lot of photos of my mom but I wish I had more videos of her talking before her Parkinson's got so advanced. I'd love to hear her voice again before it became to affected and strange."

"My mom suffered from a drug addiction which caused her to look different at certain stages of her life," Harrison said in response. "I wish I had more pictures before the trauma. Picture of how I remembered her as a child.

As Clint Edwards wrote for A Plus just last month, fathers need to recognize that, in most cases, mothers are the ones behind the camera. Thus, dads should do their part to preserve moments between mother and child.

"Because here's the thing, your wife deserves to have some memories, too," he wrote. "She deserves to see her children look at their mother with admiration, or frustration, or compassion, or love. She deserves to see how motherhood looks from a different angle. She deserves to have several moments where she can look back at her life as a mother and remember and smile. Once this whole parenting journey is through, pictures are all she will have of the silly smiles and little hands and feet."

While many claim it's best to live in the moment and cherish the memories made, it's clear that photographs are integral when it comes to preserving time. And now that smartphones allow us to document anything and everything, it's much easier to capture precious moments spent together. Screens aren't distractions if they're used with good intentions, so embrace those tools at your disposal, as no one will regret having one more photo with their loved ones to add to the growing collection.

A Plus has reached out to Harrison for comment. 

(H/T: The Bump)


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