Mom Writes Letter To Daughter Hours After Her Death To Say Something Truly Important

"We will not let your passing be in vain.”

In 2013, Lindsay Rhoades and her husband, Mike, discovered that the bruises on the legs and arms of their toddler, Kate, were not really bruises. A doctor diagnosed Kate with high-risk pre-b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The toddler spent the next two years in treatment. During that time, Lindsay formed a group called Kate's Krew to help provide support for their family. She also penned letters about Kate to help her get through the treatment process.

Kate completed her cancer treatment in September 2015. Four months later, tests showed that Kate's cancer returned. She died the following day at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia.

"She did so well through treatment and she was perfect, so this was truly the ultimate shock," Lindsay told ABC News.

Saddened by the loss of Kate, Lindsay decided to write one final letter with all of the things she wanted to say.

"About an hour after my daughter passed away, I came into her room and I crawled into bed to write this letter to her," she said in a Facebook video.

In the letter, Lindsay wrote about the future with Kate that she and Mike had been looking forward to and how incredible their little 4-year-old was. She also included a special promise in the letter.

"And together with Kate's Krew, we will not let your passing be in vain," she wrote. "We will find a way to help other children and families in our community in your beautiful name. Together, we will make a difference."

Lindsay read the letter at Kate's funeral and in a Facebook video that went viral.

"We are no longer just targeting leukemia," Lindsay wrote on the Kate's Krew Facebook page. "And we are no longer just a 'krew.' We now have a CAUSE. Our new purpose is to raise funds that go DIRECTLY to pediatric cancer awareness, research and, ultimately, a cure."

Research for pediatric cancer is lacking. Only four percent of federal cancer research funding is for children. Donating funds to organizations like Kate's Krew could make a huge impact in finding a cure for pediatric cancer.

(H/T: ABC News)


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