Genius Mom Turns The Periodic Table Into A Battleship Game To Make Learning More Fun

You sunk my iron.

Most of us agree that the best way to learn something is to do it while having fun. That's why turning lessons into games can be such an effective teaching tool for students. 

Karyn Tripp, a former teacher-turned homeschooling mom, came up with a particularly fun game for her four kids to learn the periodic table. 


She turned the periodic table into a Battleship game.

Tripp shared the game on her website Teach Beside Me, and explained to HuffPost that she came up with it because her family plays a lot of Battleship and she and her kids were trying to figure out a way to make their chemistry studying more exciting. So, she decided to fuse the addictive boat-sinking game with chemical elements.

According to the instructions on Teach Beside Me, users just need four laminated copies of the periodic table (to make replaying possible), two file folders, one giant paper clip, and two Dry-Erase Markers. The file folders are used to attach the periodic tables and provide a barrier so playmates don't see each other's boards.

Next, players use the Dry-Erase Markers to draw their "ships" across 2, 3, 4, and 5 elements on the lower table. The game is ready to begin when people call out elements. If there are younger learners playing the game, Tripp suggests numbering the columns and rows so they can use coordinates instead of pronouncing some of the trickier elements in the periodic table.

After Tripp shared the periodic table Battleship game online in 2016, many have started using it as a learning method.

Twitter users have shared photos of kids having fun while playing period table battleship.

Anyone who is looking for more creative and fun ways to learn can try some of the other games on the Learn Beside Me website like Play Dough color mixing, fishing for spelling words and grammar contraction puzzles.

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