Mom Of Son With Special Needs Reveals The Sweet Moment She Realized He Liked School

“He lit up and wriggled in excitement.”

Whether it's through words, gestures, art or music, everyone has their own way of communicating. But those with special needs, like 3-year-old Amos, sometimes have difficulty articulating their feelings. Amos has autism, a spectrum condition which can impact behavior and communication. 

Because of this, Amos's mom, Adrian Wood is often unable to answer people's questions about whether the boy enjoyed his first day of school. However, she was able to figure out how he felt thanks to one sweet moment, which she shared on the Tales of An Educated Debutante Facebook page.


The mom remembers how her other three children jabbered about their first days at school. They recounted what they did, talked about their teachers, and explained every detail of the day. However, Amos said nothing.

She hadn't received a phone call during Amos's first day, so she had no indication of how things went — if he fell asleep, had anything for lunch, etc. 

Amos's feelings became clear when Wood saw his bus pull up. "I saw his face light up when he saw me from outside the window at his bus stop. He lit up and wriggled in excitement and when I made my way up the bus stairs, he cackled in delight and leapt into my arms," she wrote. "A kind kindergartener handed me his backpack and then he got down and climbed down the big old bus stairs. All by his own self."

“'Bye bye, yellow school bus,' he said. I think that means he liked it.”

(H:T Popsugar)

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