Your Brain Will Thank You For These 15 Works Of Art That Are So Surreal

Unbelievably creative.

Nathan Calantonio isn't your normal photographer. The Toronto-based artist known as Modifeye is a surrealist who juxtaposes two contrasting elements (from city life and wildlife) into one remarkable photograph. His works are visually stunning beyond anything you've seen before.

Here are 15 of his most creative photographs that will totally change your perspective on how you see things:


1. A unique railroad track.

2. A magnificent way to look at the road.

3. Is that a dress?

4. Maybe we're all wearing masks.

5. The visuals here are stunning.

6. This seems so likely.

7. Above water, everything seems normal.

8. Is this a magic trick?

9. The polar bear is just resting.

10. What a banana split looks like.

11. Zip that track up.

12. An underwater adventure like no other.

13. Just cleaning the scenery.

14. This journey had a great moment.

15. The sky's the limit.

(H/T: Bored Panda)


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