5 Models And Influencers Talk About Loving Yourself, Despite How Others Try To Make You Feel

"Just however you are, you're beautiful."

When so many people are trying to bring you down, it can be hard to remember you're beautiful.

But in a video for Teen Vogue, five powerful models and influencers — including Manny Gutierrez, who recently became Maybelline's first-ever male beauty ambassador — talk about overcoming hate and learning to love themselves.

"I still get it every single day," Gutierrez tells the publication. "But I just kind of ignore the hate and just kind of let it roll off my back, because at the end of the day, if you're like feeding into it, that's like all that they really want."

Another participant, model Khoudia Diop, talks about spending her time worrying about what other people thought about her. She once told The Daily Mail that bullies teased her for her skin tone. 

But now, Diop recognizes that it's up to you to control your narrative. She says: 

"It starts all by yourself. You have to love yourself. Just however you are, you're beautiful."

Be sure to check out more of the influencers' wise words in the full video below:

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