This 13-Year-Old Girl Just Made Sports Illustrated History

Pitching shut outs isn't the only kind of record this fierce 13-year-old girl is breaking.

Watch out world, Mo'ne Davis is here.

The 13-year-old Little League pitcher made history yesterday after Sports Illustrated unveiled her as their latest cover star. She's the first Little Leaguer the magazine has ever featured on the cover.

Davis plays for South Philadelphia's Taney Dragons, and her cover debut isn't the first record she broke this week. During the Dragons' first game in Nashville, Tennessee, the eighth grader threw a two-hit shut out. That, along with her 70-mph fast ball, made her an appropriate choice for the cover.

"Last week, this week, maybe next week, she's owned the sports conversation," Sports Illustrated manager editor Chris Stone said in an Sports Illustrated blog. "How often do you get to say this about a 13-year-old girl? It's the easiest type of story to identify as a cover story."

In the last 68 years, she's only the 18th girl to have gotten a chance at the Little League World Series, The New York Times reports. She's also only one of five female athletes to make the cover of SI this year.

As Stephanie Tuck, a New York media strategist and fitness blogger at TuckTakesOff, told CNN, being a girl on the field isn't always easy. When Tuck played, she was the only one on her Little League team, too, but she wasn't applauded for it.

"I was heckled by the dads: 'Get that girl off the field,'" she said. "I used to literally pray the ball would not come to me in right field as the pressure was so intense."

Hopefully, Mo'ne Davis will set a new precedent. If anything, she's a reminder that girls are capable of not only rocking baseball, but so much more.

"To be honest, I never thought I"d be famous for baseball," she told Sports Illustrated. "I want to play basketball, and I could also do both basketball and baseball -- but I really want to play basketball."



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