17 Photos Of Misty Copeland Doing Things We Didn't Know Bodies Could Do

Girl is on pointe.

Misty Copeland just became the first African-American Principal Dancer at the American Ballet Theater. This is a huge deal, but not surprising considering how immensely talented she is. Her body does things we didn't realize humans could do. Just check out these photos to see for yourself.


1. In case you haven't noticed, she's gorgeous.

2. Like really, really gorgeous.

3. All that training has left her looking pretty superhuman.

4. We can do that too, we're just humble.

5. She's the worst person to stand next to during barre class.

6. You probably shouldn't lend her your sneakers.

7. She even makes rusty stools look good.

8. Flipped out of her chair, and still owning it.

9. The only person who can listen to a mirror and still make everyone go "YAAAS."

10. What is her foot even doing?!

11. But seriously, is she human?

12. On pointe in any footwear.

13. We're not even questioning where that piano came from.

14. Again, rolling out of chairs left and right, but still owning it.

15. But on point when she's managed to stay in one.

16. She keeps that pantsless life elegant.

17. Really, she makes any outfit classy. Go get 'em Misty.

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