‘Missing Richard Simmons’ Creator Reveals How A Friendship Became One Of The Year’s Most Popular Podcasts

And more could be on the way.

If you're a fan of podcasts, you've likely been listening to the biggest one to hit the airwaves since Serial took the world by storm back in fall of 2014: Missing Richard Simmons

The quirky pop culture phenomenon details show creator Dan Taberski's search for where exactly Simmons could be and the mystery of why he retreated from the public spotlight on February 15, 2014. That's the date when Simmons, then one of the most accessible celebrities in the world, simply disappeared. (Police have reportedly checked in on him recently, declaring he's "perfectly fine" and "very happy.")

Taberski was a regular at the Slimmons Studio (the fitness guru's Beverly Hills, Calif, gym, which closed in 2016 after 42 years in business), as well as a colleague of the over-the-top personality whom he befriended in 2012.


While the podcast will just be six episodes — "unless something else happens," Taberski teased — fans will be glad to know that a bonus episode will be coming at some unspecified date because so many people have called into the show to tell stories of how Simmons left an impact on them.

"What I really want to do is tell his story and create this space where people remember how special he is and there's an outpouring. I want him to feel that love," Taberski said during The Chicken Soup for the Soul Podcast's "Friend Friday"-themed episode, hosted by Amy Newmark. [Editor's note: Chicken Soup for the Soul is the parent company of A Plus.] "I want him to feel like no matter what he decides to do with the rest of his life that people love him and they just want to know he's OK."

Newmark echoed that sentiment, noting that Simmons should be able to retire in peace because he has "left an amazing legacy," and that "he can still help people a huge amount just with what he has left for us."

For more on Taberski and the Missing Richard Simmons podcast, listen to the complete episode of The Chicken Soup for the Soul Podcast.

Cover image: Dan Taberski / Twitter

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