These Men Love Shopping With Their Wives So Much, They Can Hardly Hide Their Excitement

Welcome to the seventh circle of hell.

Shopping is SO exciting. Like, SOOO exciting.


Alright, well, maybe it's only exciting for some people.

The men you are about to meet fall into the latter category.

They love it so much, they can hardly hide their excitement.

Luckily, one Instagram by the name of Miserable Men has no shame and is capturing all of those times men can hardly hold back their joy.

1. Joy has no age limit.

2. Looks comfy.

3. SO happy.

4. You're not even trying, man.

5. Welcome to the seventh circle of hell.

8. Let's be equally miserable, it's only right.

9. Umm ... pretty sure that ISN'T your wife, buddy.

10. It's a family affair.

11. Pink is SO his color.

12. At least try to find a spot where your wife won't catch you.

13. C'mon, put a little effort into your laziness.

14. You're gonna stand out in your cherry, red shirt.

15. There we go. This guy has the right idea. No one will see you behind the garbage can.

16. Just concerned he won't have energy for the buffet at Golden Corral.

17. King of Conservative Shopping Mall in glorious Mother Russia.

18. This guys neck is gonna be in so much pain. Poor fella.

19. Shopping doesn't know classes or statuses. It comes for us all ... even the geniuses.

20. Life is in shambles.

Don't worry guys. The mall is open seven days a week. Enjoy!

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