After Mistakenly Receiving Letters Addressed To Santa, This Couple Decided To Reply To Them

"Contributing to something greater than ourselves ... "

Letters to Santa Claus are normally addressed to his workshop in the North Pole, but married couple Jim Glaub and Dylan Parker began to mistakenly receive letters intended for Santa when they moved to 22nd Street in New York. 

Glaub said previous tenants have also received letters meant for Santa. He told PEOPLE, "They [previous tenants] never answered them because it was only three or four letters a year. And the first two years I lived there, it was that exact thing. I'd get three letters and I didn't really think anything of it. I was like, 'Oh, sorry — wrong number.' "

But by the time Christmas came, the couple had received around 450 letters. 


Instead of ignoring the notes, the couple decided to start responding to them.

When they told their friends and family about it, they were eager to get involved by helping to fulfill the kids' wishes.

The couple's selfless act has expanded over the years with Glaub and Parker starting a Miracle on 22nd Facebook Page. The couple are so dedicated to the cause that even when they relocated to London, England, they made sure that the tenant of their home in New York would forward them the letters.

Glaub told BuzzFeed how the project has changed his life. He said, "I've learned that contributing to something greater than ourselves, even if it is something unknown, leads to far more happiness and sense of purpose than solely focusing on our own desires."

Since their story is going viral, more and more people are eager to get involved with the group, saying that this is what the Christmas spirit is all about. One Facebook commenter wrote, "I want to say how wonderful you and your friends are for doing this. Although I am not in the Christmas spirit, your story put a smile on my face."

Another person wrote about how she knows what a difference help makes and how she wants to give back too, "I love this because my own family has struggled at times and we were blessed by loving hands. I would really like to pay it forward."

Happy holidays! 

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