Watch 'Stranger Things' Star Millie Bobby Brown Sing Her Starbucks Order To The Tune Of Adele

We give her performance an eleven.

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown spent some quality time with her dad this Thanksgiving weekend on a trip to Starbucks. The 12-year-old actress, who plays Eleven on the series, shared an entertaining video from their outing on social media Friday.

When the car pulls up to the drive-thru, Millie orders their drinks — to the tune of Adele's smash hit "Hello." As it turns out, not only is Millie a talented young actress with a good head on her shoulders, but she also has a lovely singing voice and a great sense of humor. "Can I have a venti latte / And a caramel frappuccino? / Oh, please!" she sings out the window.

While her dad clarifies their order in his normal speaking voice, Millie sits laughing with her hands over her mouth. The video then cuts, and Millie is suddenly lying in the backseat, where she puts another twist on the song, this time inspired by her own show: "Hello from the upside down!" We wonder if Millie's talent for singing will be written into the series next season. Somehow we can't picture Eleven doing something like this.

If nothing else, maybe this will start a fun new social media trend — the Mannequin Challenge is bound to end sometime, after all.

(H/T: Billboard)

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