Millennials Describe What 'True Love' Looks Like To Them, Showing No Matter How You Say It, Love Is Love

"It's Like A Permanent Sleepover With Your Best Friend."

How do you describe love?

Recently, social networking app Yik Yak, which is made up of 99 percent millennials, asked its audience: "What does true love look like to you?"

Of course, because love is different for everyone, the responses described an array of emotions, actions, and senses, from making sacrifices, to committing to a long-term relationship.

Check out a few of the responses below and find the rest here.


"True love is wanting to do anything and everything for someone without wanting anything in return."

"It's like a permanent sleepover with your best friend that never has to end, along with bills."

"Being willing to sacrifice anything for the one you love. Setting yourself aside for their sake."

"When you both complement each other's weirdness."

"Never agreeing on everything, but never giving up and doing everything to make sure each other feel important and loved."

Regardless of how you define it, love is love. And that's a beautiful thing.

(H/T: Bustle)


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