7 Things Miley Cyrus Has Said That Make Us Love Her More

We love Miley Cyrus for a number of reasons. Here's just 7 awesome things she has said.

1. On being free.


She's right, you aren't free until you are free from the need to try and impress other people. Be yourself. 

4. On respecting individuality.

Sounds like Miley respects individuality. Voluntary collectivism is great, but we all have unique differences and qualities that should be respected. The smallest minority is the individual.

7. On school.

Could she be hinting towards the problems with public education? Luckily, there are many resources and options available for people today to find whatever method of schooling works best for them.

10. On self-respect.

Sounds like she is in complete control of her destiny.

13. On regrets.

Regrets only hold you back and steal your peace. Kudos to Miley on her confidence and method of choosing to live with appreciation and free from regret.

16. On being honest.

Everyone is their own little brand of crazy.

19. On inspiring strength.

Positive vibes on being a confident you.

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