Miley Cyrus Answers Fan Questions And Offers Her Best Advice — All While Playing With A Bunch Of Puppies

"Know what's important — which is being happy."

Let's face it: puppies make everything better. And in a recent video for BuzzFeed, Miley Cyrus gets to sit down with a bunch of puppies while answering fan questions and we're undeniably jealous.  

"No, don't do this to me," Cyrus says as puppies are presumably gathering off camera. "Come here my little precious!" she adds as she picks up a pup. 

And with that, Cyrus begins answering questions regarding her music and career, her inspirations, and what being "younger now" means to her, among other topics.

With regards to feeling "younger now," — which is also the title of her latest single — she says: 

"Well just like these puppies, all I wanna do is be with my family and be with my friends, and know what's important — which is being happy."

Later, Cyrus is asked to offer advice to her 14-year-old self:

"Never Google yourself. I read one time that if you trust and love your decisions, the less [you'll] care what other people think about them. So be happy with your decisions."

As the puppies get a little rambunctious, Cyrus talks about singing "The Climb" for the first time in years and what advice she has for young women who feel repressed with their identity.

"Surround yourself with friends who think like you," Cyrus says. "But also make sure you expose yourself to different types of people, but keep people around you [that] always lift you up and support you."

You can check out all this and more in the full interview below:


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