Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, And Kathryn Hahn Hilariously Review Kids Toys

"This doll is a murderer."

The stars of the upcoming film A Bad Moms Christmas, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn, know a thing or two about kids toys. And in a recent video from Glamour magazine, the actresses and mothers are giving their honest reviews about some of those toys, including the Holiday Barbie and the Santa's Helper Cabbage Patch Kid.

"Oh guys, this is dark," Hahn says when the Baby Alive Sweet Tears doll starts talking. The doll, a wide-eyed, blonde toy, then proceeds to ask for hugs, and Kunis is not having it. 

"This doll is a murderer," Bell says.

Afterward, the women try playing with a Holiday Barbie, and Kunis accidentally breaks it. Bell then suggests that if the doll had come with a burger in hand, then hey — she'd be on board.

Things take a turn for the better when the Furreal Roaring Tiger comes out, an electronic stuffed animal that moves its head and tail. "My kids would love this and this would give my dog a heart attack," Bell comments. 

Later, the actresses try out the Cabbage Patch Kid, a Fidget Cube and a Reindeer Popper, the latter of which is a total hit.

The video is pretty entertaining, and it might just make you reminiscent of your own childhood, too. 

Check it out below:


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