Lawyer Buys Backpacks For Every Public School Student In Detroit

He spent $460,000 helping kids in Detroit.

Michigan personal injury attorney Mike Morse just made a serious difference in the lives of every single elementary school student in Detroit. That's because Morse, whoselaw firmis the largest of its kind in Michigan, just bought and distributed backpacks and school supplies to 23,000 kids in the 65 public schools within the Detroit metro area. 


Think about that: every single elementary school kid in Detroit.

“I think it teaches them that there are people out there in the community that care about them,” Morse says in a video about the project. “That want them to succeed, that want them to win at life.”

The faces of these Detroit students say it all.

For more on Mike Morse's ongoing backpack project please visit his page at Crowdrise or his law firm's website.

[H/T: Good News Network]


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