This Football Fan's Team Lost, But The Tip He Left In A Rival City Wins At Generosity

More than sportsmanship: this is grace.

Any Michigan fan who watched the Utah Utes beat the Michigan Wolverines 24 to 17 on Thursday night could probably be expected to be more than a little salty, especially if they had to watch their team's defeat in enemy territory.

One Michigan fan in Salt Lake City seems to have taken the loss in stride, showing more than a bit of Blue sportsmanship.


An unidentified Michigan fan left a massive tip for a server at Bourbon House, a Salt Lake City bar and restaurant.

How big? Well...

How does $3000 sound?

The tipper, who, according to The Salt Lake Tribune, picked up the tab for the group he was with, appears to have been part of the "Tips for Jesus" phenomena where diners leave incredibly large tips for people as random acts of kindness.

Owner Jason LeCates was stunned. "I've been in the bar business for 19 years and I've never seen anything like this," he told the Tribune. "I think it's awesome."

For server Breanne Snow, the tip couldn't have come at a better time.

"I went and cried in the corner for a couple minutes," Snow, who, with her boyfriend works two jobs as they struggle with debt, told the Salt Lake City Tribune. "It came as such a relief. He could have picked anyone else in there, and for him to pick me, it meant a lot because we were working so hard."


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