Michael Phelps Talks Becoming An Instagram Dad And Receives A Giant Angry Face Cutout

Phelps has a lot going on in retirement.

Michael Phelps might be the most decorated Olympian ever, but he is also quickly picking up some other skills. 

Coming off his fifth and final Olympics, he told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that he plans on spending a part of his retirement in Arizona and running his son Boomer's Instagram account. He joked, "he's the most followed baby in the world." 

Currently, Boomer's page has a staggering 672,000 followers.

Phelps also said his soon-to-be wife, Nicole, takes a lot of the photos, but he is the one uploading them to Instagram, including this one with Fallon himself.

Phelps and Nicole are set to be married by the end of the year.

Other than running his son's Instagram page, Phelps is also on a mission to teach kids how to swim around the country. 

He told Fallon that the second leading cause of death in kids under the age of the 14 is drowning. He said he is "passionate" about the Michael Phelps Foundation and wants to have water safety classes in every state in the future.

In addition to his water safety classes, Phelps mentioned he will be volunteering as an assistant coach for Arizona State University's swim team.

Fallon also gifted Phelps a giant cutout of his now infamous angry face meme. 

Phelps told Fallon that he had a feeling his face was going to wind up on the internet somewhere, because he knew there were a few cameras filming the waiting area.

Jimmy also reenacted his famous back slapping ritual prior to every race, which Phelps said he has done since he was 11 years old.

While on the show, Jimmy also played a game of Egg Russian Roulette, which somehow made Phelps nervous. Go figure. You can watch that below:

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