New Video Reveals The Real Faces Of Parkinson's Disease

More people are affected than you think.

The faces of Parkinson's are diverse and full of hope.

That's the message from the The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, which recently released an inside look at some of the many Americans living with Parkinson's today. Currently, one million people are battling the disease in the United States alone, and though a cure has been elusive, the battle rages on.

"I was 29 when I found out I had Parkinson's disease," Michael J. Fox says in the beginning of the short film. "I soon learned that each person has their own version of Parkinson's, their own story to tell."

Since 2000, The Michael J. Fox Foundation has helped fundraise more than $450 million that will go to accelerating research for a cure. 


Check out the video below:


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