This Cop Was Called To Respond To A Fight... But He Found Something Else

Great job.

27-year-old police officer Michael Castillo of Ansonia, Connecticut was responding to a report of a fight outside of a Target store earlier this week, when he came upon a group of kids that he recognized from around town. According to Yahoo/GMA, Castillo didn't find a fight, but rather the kids just trying to repair a bicycle.

He noticed that the chain on the bike was twisted, so he stopped for a moment and knelt down to help them out.

"I fixed the chain and tightened up the tire and told them, 'Alright guys, go play somewhere else besides the Target parking lot,'" Castillo told ABC News, adding that "They're good kids."


Officer Castillo's act of kindness was photographed by passer-by Faith Bisson Taylor, who posted the pic to the Ansonia Police Department's Facebook page.

"Not sure what officer this is, but it's nice to see an officer in a good and kind way," Taylor wrote in her Facebook post. "This guy takes "to serve and protect" to heart... He was driving the #5 SUV cruiser. This was right in front of Target at about 8:00 pm! Give this guy some kudos!"

Comments praising Castillo began pouring in...

... and his good work quickly went viral.

"I didn't expect this," Castillo told ABC. "I just saw the kids, they needed some help, I helped the kids."

If their Twitter account is any indication, Ansonia's Police Department is a great model of community service and law enforcement.

Check them out on Facebook and tell them to keep up the good work.


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