This Onesie With A Pouch For A Cat Is The Ultimate Monument To Doing You

You need to get on this level.

Since the dawn of time, humanity has asked itself, "What does the ultimate form of just completely 'doing you' look like?" Is it building yourself some pyramids? Does it involve adorning yourself in pizza-themed jewelry? Or is it wearing a glitter beard that not-at-all-low-key screams to the world, "Look how dazzling, and unfathomably irritating to clean up after, I am! Gaze here, you peasants!"?

No. It's none of those things. And why? Because there's now a onesie with a kangaroo pocket for your cat. Introducing: The Mewgaroo.


Unihabitat, a Japanese pet supply company, has bestowed upon us the latest item we never knew we so desperately needed.

It looks unacceptably comfortable, comes with ears so you truly feel like a mama cat, and has little fuzzy ball things your cat/you can swing at for hours. The Mewgaroo doesn't come with a built-in pizza dispenser, but we're sure its designers are drawing blueprints with one right now because it's such a natural addition.

What thrilling places will you and your cat go in this onesie? A local symphony performance? A fine arts museum? An independent film festival? Of course you're not going to any of those places, those places are supremely inferior to your bed once you've got this onesie on. And is there any shame in that? Nope, just admiration here.


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