13 Photos Proving You Should Probably Give Merman Hair A Try

Unda da seeea.

If most of us had our way, we'd just be mermaids doing our merthings under the mersea. We're glad to see we're not the only ones with ambitions of combing our hair with forks and casually luring sailors to their doom. The merfolk dream has universal appeal though, and it's been catching on with guys who are tired of The Man keeping them from jam sessions with their crustacean friends. 

Just check out these 13 photos of people partaking in the latest "merman hair" trend: 

1. Thinkin' bout those shellfish.

2. This will be in a "Most 2010s hairstyles ever" list in a decade or two, just you wait.

3. It's important to coordinate your hair and clothes.

4. For the French braid mermaids out there.

5. Scales are an important feature when you're really trying to be accurate.

6. Merman hair's really making waves (ba-dum-ch).

7. Grilled fish come in all forms.

8. Don't forget the beard.

9. It shouldn't be neglected.

10. Not ever.

11. They'll be so ready for St. Patrick's Day.

12. Merman hair flows at any length.

13. Next up: Merdogs.

(H/T: My Modern Met

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