Mermaid Thighs Is Social Media's Body Positive Answer To The Thigh Gap

Who doesn't want to be a mermaid?

Ever since hashtags became a thing, all kinds of fun trends, catchphrases and challenges have seeped into popular culture. But With the good, comes the bad, as some of those hashtags and challenges have contributed to unhealthy ideas about beauty. The thigh gap challenge, for instance, asks users to show off the gap between their thighs to prove they are fashionably skinny. Yup, this absurd body-shaming hashtag is a real thing. 

To combat those negative messages people have taken to social media to create numerous positive tags that champion messages of self-love. And now, in response to the thigh gap challenge, a new hashtag has been born — #MermaidThighs.

The tag allows you to spread a body positive message while embracing your inner mermaid.

This social media movement has nothing to do with tails and fins. The mermaid thighs tag has people uploading photos of themselves where their thighs are proudly touching. 

The mermaid theme comes in because having your thighs touch makes you one step closer to becoming a mermaid, and who doesn't want to be a real-life Ariel?

Some people are uploading photos of themselves in front of the mirror while others are doing it at the beach, to take the mermaid theme home.

Take a look at some of the body positive #MermaidThighs pics:

Real-life mermaids may not actually exist but the mermaid thighs hashtag is a brilliant alternative. 

One Instagram user tagged her photo "#MermaidThighsAreTheNewThighGap." It's a fantastic message. Plus, it shows that one of the best ways to stop a body-shaming tag is to start a self-love one instead. If it references a mythical creature, all the better. 

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