This Artist Actually Melts Her Embroidery Pieces To Make Them Even More Amazing

Mimicking nature is hard but so worth it!

Nature inspires art, music, even technology. It's been a source of inspiration for Meredith Woolnough, a visual artist from Australia, as well.

Meredith says she' been always inspired by skeletonized leaves.

Now, as she creates her embroideries, she mimics the intricate beauty of those natural patterns: leaves, corals, flowers and other.

The unbelievable technique behind Meredith's embroidery is based on soluble fabric which dissolves when soaked in water.

This allows Meredith to create fragile sculptural compositions that can be suspended in space.

By repeatedly stitching the fabric, artist composes dense patterns.

After soaking in water, the open parts melt and make the piece openwork.

Meredith then uses pins to lift her work from the surface which ends up casting delicate shadows and making the piece three-dimensional.

(H/T: Instagram blog)

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