These Are The Top 10 Style Trends Men Are Searching On Pinterest

"Who says Pinterest isn’t for men?!"

Pinterest has released its "Pinterest 100" which details the top trends we can look forward to in 2018. While women have long dominated the boards, more and more men are flocking to the platform. 

"Who says Pinterest isn't for men?! The number of monthly active male Pinners have grown by 50 percent in the last year, and so has their interest in style, with an 80 percent increase in Pins saved," according to Pinterest's press release. "Men often search and browse to find new looks on Pinterest, and are especially inspired by style experts. In fact, 72 percent of men say they're influenced by brands." 


As part of their research for their annual "Pinterest 100," data experts at Pinterest did a deep dive into the platform's engagement and analyzed emerging style trends for men based on searches that have gained popularity. 

Scroll through to see the top 10 men's fashion trends Pinterest predicts will be everywhere in 2018.

1. Monochrome.

When it comes to deciding on a color palette for their outfits, more men are dressing up in monochrome looks. They're reaching for pieces that are varying tones of one color. All black, all white, or mixing neutrals seems to be popular choices. Even denim on denim is making a comeback. 

Searches for "monochrome" were up by 289 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

2. Leather backpacks.

They're both stylist and durable, so more and more men are slinging leather backpacks and messenger bags over their shoulders. 

Searches for "leather backpacks" were up by 146 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

3. Flex pants.

Both men and women are embracing more comfortable — and functional — clothing these days. But the pieces don't sacrifice style. 

Searches for "flex pants" were up by 242 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

4. Workwear.

Trends in men's workwear have been around for awhile, but in 2018, Pinterest predicts even more men will be focused on pulling it off. Traditional workwear is inspired by the American laborers of the early 20th century. It's comfortable, practical, durable, and often keeps him warm. 

Searches for "shearling," "trucker jacket," "corduroy," and "chore coat" were up by 160 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

5. Men’s accessories.

The devil is in the details. Adding jewelry, glasses, or a scarf can turn clothes into an outfit. 

Searches for "men's accessories" were up by 201 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

6. Cuffed short sleeves.

A little bit of cuffing can go a long way. Neatly rolling pants or sleeves can make an outfit look much neater and fresh. 

Searches for "cuffed short sleeve" were up by 340 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

7. Oversized jackets.

Pinterest predicts the oversize trend will be dominating the outerwear racks in 2018. 

Searches for "oversized jacket" were up by 216 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

8. Small prints.

Fun-sized prints and patterns are making a big impact for men as of late. 

Searches for "small prints" were up by 476 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

9. Logos.

Wearing a brand's logo loud and proud is back in style. 

Searches for "men's logo" were up by 241 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

10. Clean-cut beards.

Beard care is at the forefront of many men's beauty care routines. They're caring for them with oils, brushes, and other products as well as treating them to regular trims. 

Searches for "beard trim" were up by 200 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

Cover image via Unsplash

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